Benefits of EDI for Manufacturing Companies

Understanding the many layers of your supply chain can be challenging, especially when balancing multiple trading partners using multiple connection methods.

Electronic Data Interchange, EDI, is a solution that can cut through this complexity and improve connectivity, making your supply chain more streamlined and efficient. At Edict Systems, over the past three decades, we’ve partnered with hundreds of buying organizations, helping them simplify their supply chain operations and improve operational efficiency.

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The Benefits of Edict Systems' Solutions for Buying Organizations

Cost Savings

For buyers, one of the key benefits of our EDI solutions is the potential for substantial cost savings and streamlined processing time compared to manual data entry. 

Buyers set the EDI specifications for their trading partners, so the risk of costly errors is reduced. We also offer optional services like Transaction Validation with our direct system integration to ensure data integrity with your internal system.

Our pricing model ensures substantially lower development fees for most industries. We don't charge buyers for processing EDI data, and all activities associated with supplier onboarding programs, including outreach, education, training, and testing, are included in our service. We help eliminate the costs of manually processing business documents and invoice entry. Through our services, you’ll receive accurate data from suppliers, leading to substantial cost savings.

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Efficiencies in Supply Chain Operations 

When you partner with Edict Systems, you enable efficient supply chain operations. 

Our full to partial outsourcing with ManagedEC, a fully comprehensive solution, or EnterpriseEC, a trading network designed to simplify EDI connections and management, offers visibility and management of all trading partners with a single connection.

We help expedite the exchange of purchase orders, invoices, and other essential business documents, so you can optimize inventory levels and enhance demand forecasting accuracy. 

Timely and accurate information flow between suppliers and buyers helps facilitate just-in-time inventory practices, reducing warehousing costs and improving the overall supply chain responsiveness.

Stronger Supplier Relationships 

EDI fosters stronger and more reliable relationships with suppliers. The streamlined communication process fosters better collaboration, reducing errors and improving supplier and buyer relationships. Edict Systems’ WebEDI service allows suppliers to become EDI-compliant quickly and exchange business documents, including 997 functional acknowledgment automation, in a simple, web-based format. 

You can take advantage of our Supplier EDI-Enabling and Onboarding programs designed to expand and manage supply chain operations. The programs help maximize EDI participation while offering suppliers full support for change events and testing and certification services, making it easier for suppliers to become compliant and ensure they meet customers’ requirements.

More Sustainable Practices

Lastly, by reducing the reliance on paper-based documents and manual processing, EDI supports sustainability initiatives and promotes eco-friendly practices. This environmentally-conscious approach not only enhances a company's reputation but may also lead to cost savings through reduced paper usage, printing, and storage expenses.

Learn More About Edict Systems 

Our dedicated customer support team is US-based and offers coverage during typical business hours, resolving most issues within the same business day. 

To supplement our main service, solutions like WebEDI and Fax and Email Conversion to EDI help you achieve 100% EDI connectivity with your suppliers. Our optional services include a dedicated EDI coordinator and a team of industry experts to proactively monitor your system with regular check-ins and reporting to keep you informed. 

Additionally, we offer Integrated EDI solutions for ANY system, including Oracle® Validated solutions.

We do EDI so you don’t have to®.

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